Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

Abundance in a bottle

I’m so sad…I just used the very last drop of my bottle of Finca Galvez Picual oil sent several months ago. I’d love another bottle or 2 if you have any extra stock! This oil is perfect with a summer salad of fresh herbs and baby greens from the garden. Addictive even.

I joined because of Dave Asprey’s recommendation (“Bulletproof” guy) and at first didn’t have any idea what I was going to do with all that oil. Having little exposure to good olive oil, I must confess I just didn’t get the EVOO craze. Store-bought oil didn’t smell or taste good to me, and that’s all I’d ever really experienced.

So I decided to enroll because Dave is a compelling guy and I trust him. I figured I’d try it and cancel my subscription in a few months. But over time, as I read your quarterly booklet (love it!!) and tasted the different oils, I began to feel so lucky and looked forward to finding recipes just for the oils. I’ve given bottles as gifts (including a copy of your write-up so the receiver knows just how special that bottle is!) to rave reviews.

I’ve even taken to using the wonderful oils on my skin—the color and aroma are an amazing lift and olive oil is second to none as a moisturizer! Total luxury. I hope you are not insulted by this!

Thanks for offering these oils for subscription. I love that the oils come from small growers dedicated to quality. The places you visit sound amazing (a travel blog would be fascinating)! Someday, if you ever decide to offer excursions to outsiders, I can think of nothing more interesting than visiting olive groves. “Olive Oil Hunter Excursions”? Has a nice ring. Bucket list!

You’ve made me a fan. So appreciate what you do—it has such incredible value to us and brings a bounty of simple delight with each pour. Abundance in a bottle. Thanks again!

Kristen H.Oak Park, IL