Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

Wonderful oils

Thank you, TJ,

I have been a lucky club member for several years. I feel so fortunate to receive these wonderful oils. I live in a geographically remote location (the middle of the Pacific) so I very much appreciate the freshness and expedient delivery of the olive oils.

My all-time favorite so far has been the single-variety Cobrançosa from Casa de Santo Amaro in Portugal. I love the Picuals! Finca Galvez from Spain. Picual by Alajandro Sanz of Spain. I also loved Petralia from TerraMater in Chile. This new Australian Picual by Leandro Ravetti was the first bottle I opened, and it is added to my favorite list.

You have ignited my passion for olive oils. I look forward to the quarterly selections, your adventures, and the recipes. I have been researching, preparing my small section in Paradise for a few olive trees.

Trish M.Makawao, HI