Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

Loving the benefits!

Loving my fresh olive oil shipments! I know I am receiving the benefits of these very fresh, high polyphenol oils from all over the world. I also love the little newsletter with recipes!

Had to order another set.

Just finished a breakfast salad with the latest delivery from Italy. Mixed greens, spinach, touch of balsamic, couple tablespoons of the Brunetti, and finished each bite with goat cheese on rice cracker. OMG. Had to order another set.

Taste Explosion

As an experienced home chef, I know the huge difference quality ingredients can make to any recipe, and my culinary enjoyment is also benefiting from the “taste explosion” of these olive oils. I made eggs benedict and used one of the olive oils to pan-toast the bread…phenomenal! I also made T. J.’s basic balsamic vinaigrette. Wow…flavorful oil makes such a difference!