Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my fresh-pressed olive oils?
The four enemies of olive oil are light, heat, oxygen, and time. Store your oils in a cool, dark area away from heat sources (for instance, avoid storing over the stove top) with the cap securely closed.

What is the shelf life of the Club’s fresh-pressed olive oils?
The secret to enjoying the most flavorful and healthful olive oils is freshness. Olives, after all, are a fruit, and olive oil is a “fruit juice.” Just as with any other fruit juice, it is best enjoyed fresh-pressed.

For this reason, olive oil, unlike wine, does not improve with time. Just the opposite! All olive oils, including ours, are at their peak of nutritional perfection and flavor immediately after being pressed and for up to six months thereafter. After six months, the flavor and rich nutritional bounty of olive oil start to degrade. This is true of any olive oil, no matter its cost.

Ironically, because virtually all imported olive oil in the U.S. travels here by slow-moving cargo ships (to minimize shipping costs), it’s almost impossible to find olive oil in America that’s not already more than six months old when you buy it!

In contrast, our oils are raced here by jet, fresh from the harvest. “From olive grove to table in 30 days or less” is our Club’s mission.

Generally, we encourage our Club members to use one bottle per month, ensuring that they’re enjoying the freshest and most healthful olive oil all year round.

Upon tasting the Club’s fresh-pressed olive oils, I notice a peppery pinch toward the back of my throat. Why is that?
Newly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains a powerful, very healthful polyphenol called oleocanthal. It is a strong, naturally occurring antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with properties similar to those in the pain reliever ibuprofen, but without any drug-related side effects. It’s one of Mother Nature’s all-natural pain relievers that are totally good for you. Olive oil aficionados the world over, especially in olive-growing regions, prize that gentle pinch because it is an indicator of the freshest, most healthful oil.

I would like ideas and recipes for using the oils. Where can I find them?
Delicious and traditional recipes featuring olive oil are included with the Tasting Notes sent with each shipment as well as right here on our website. Thanks to the many health benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet, interest in olive oil is soaring all over the world. This means you can find almost unlimited recipes and cooking ideas online, on websites and message boards. For our members, we’re working on an online Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Cookbook that will contain our favorite recipes.

Can the Club’s fresh-pressed oils be used as part of a raw diet?
Yes, all of our oils are cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, produced by traditional mechanical methods. During the entire pressing process the temperature stays within raw diet specifications.

Are the Club’s fresh-pressed oils unfiltered or filtered?
Both. It really depends on the tradition of the region and the preferences of the individual producer. What matters most to us is that we source the finest oils on the planet, available from the most respected and award-winning producers in every olive-growing region.

Are the Club’s fresh-pressed oils unrefined or refined?
All Club selections are unrefined. When olive oil is refined it is heated and chemically treated to remove “off” flavors and aromas. During this industrial process the oil’s antioxidants and many other health benefits are destroyed. Refined oils cannot be called “extra-virgin.”

I live in Canada. Can I become a member?
We are sorry to say that our oils cannot be shipped outside the United States at this time due to U.S. customs laws.

When will I receive my quarterly shipments, and what countries will my oils come from?
Please click here to see our Typical Shipping Schedule and countries of origin.

How will I know when a shipment is being sent?
Once your quarterly shipment has been sent, the UPS tracking number will be sent to you via email so you’ll know in advance when your oils will be arriving at your doorstep.

What if I plan to be away from home when you ship the oils?
In advance, you can easily inform us via our Hold Shipments Page. Please be sure to let us know when you’ll be returning so that you will not miss any quarterly shipments. Or call our Member Service Center at 1-888-963-4582 and we can postpone shipments or cancel your shipments for up to six months. If you would like to make a seasonal change in your address (i.e. summer or winter address) you can easily update this via our Change Address Page.

Because of cold temperatures outside, my oil arrived almost solid. What should I do?
The oils are fine and the cold will not affect the taste. Bring them to room temperature slowly by keeping them in the original package for approximately 24 hours.

When will my credit card be charged?
Credit cards are charged approximately seven days prior to your quarterly shipment.

Our Typical Shipping Schedule gives you a general idea of when your oils will be shipped and your credit card charged. But these dates cannot be guaranteed because they depend on the harvest, which may vary according to Mother Nature’s timing. If you need a more precise indication of when your card will be charged, please call our Member Service Center (1-888-963-4582) prior to the projected shipping date, and we can give you an up-to-date estimate of how the current harvest is going and when our latest oils are due to arrive.

Why do I need to supply an email address?
For three reasons: First, for efficient and fast correspondence with a Member Service Representative. Second, to receive your notification that a shipment has been sent, including your UPS tracking number. Third, from time to time we’ll share updates about the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club. Rest assured, we won’t deluge you with marketing messages, and we will never share your email address. We have a strict privacy policy.

As a Club member, may I order just one bottle each quarter?
No, the oils are shipped in sets of three on a quarterly basis to all active members. The intention is that members use one bottle per month.

If I run out of oil before my next shipment, may I order additional bottles?
Yes, we usually order a few extra cases each quarter and make our latest selections available to members until we run out. We stock only harvest-fresh oils and—unlike stores—never sell old inventory. To order additional oil, please contact a Member Service Representative by visiting our Contact Us Page or by calling our Member Service Center at 1-888-963-4582.

May I give the Club’s fresh-pressed olive oils as gifts?
Yes, our oils (or Club memberships) make wonderful and unique gifts, especially on holidays that revolve around food. Many Club members order them as unique corporate gifts, too. You may order gifts on our Send a Gift Page.