Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

Was blown away

Good Morning,

I received my sample bottle yesterday. I opened it up, read the included information, and then began to feel the beginnings of buyer’s remorse. Had I just believed the hype when I signed up? I had decided to take better care of myself and part of that was by eating better. When I got your email I read it through and signed up. Since I already had had a disappointing day, I didn’t open the bottle.

This morning I decided to taste it since maybe I might make eggs for breakfast. I dab a little on my finger, tasted it, and was blown away. It really tasted a million times better than any olive oil I had ever tasted! Then I decided to taste the oil I already had in my pantry. You guys were right! It tasted rotten to me! My first impulse was to throw it away, but then I decided to make a body scrub with it since I did pay good money for it. I’ve got a feeling that I am going to be a member for a long, long time!

Take care, Deryl G.Chicago, IL