Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

Every shipment…a personal holiday!

Every time a shipment arrives, it is a personal holiday! I do tastings with friends and family every time so we can all enjoy them and know what excellent, fresh olive oil really is. I love that people get to learn that amazing olive oil comes from so many places in the world too.

The Best Oils

The best oils I’ve found. Been a member for years. They are SO FRESH, I haven’t found any that can compare.

Ridiculously Fresh

Best high quality, ridiculously fresh and delicious olive oil I have ever found. 3 bottles a quarter is never enough. I often order extra when we run out. Highly recommend!


I love these oils—feel so fortunate to be able to purchase oils this fresh. Also, check out the annual vinegar shipment—also the very best. Yes, you could say I’m ADDICTED as well.