Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

I’ll never go back to store-bought oil

Oh. My. Goodness. Sometimes the simplest preparation is the best. I was dining solo at home while my husband and son were at their activities. I needed “comfort food.” My “go-to” is always pasta. Not being in the mood to make a fancy dish, I simply cooked linguine, then whipped up the “sauce” of Picual “bold” olive oil, fresh minced garlic, Italian seasoning, “sweet heat” pepper from Flat Iron Pepper, and freshly ground salt and pepper. A quick toss, and dinner was DONE. The Picual was absolutely amazing in this simple, yet satisfying dish. I cannot wait till our June shipment arrives—I’m just about out of our three olive oils from this spring. I will NEVER, EVER go back to “store-bought” EVOO again! Thank you, TJ, for sourcing the world’s BEST EVOO!

Kimberly S.Macungie, PA