Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

I love you, Olive Oil Hunter!

I can’t begin to describe how much I love being a member of the Olive Oil Hunter’s Club. My husband and I are vegetarians and salads are a staple part of our lives. These incredibly flavorful and delicious olive oils are a mainstay in our meals. My father had
an olive ranch in Northern California when I was a child, so the taste of real olive oil, tasting like real olives, is a part of my DNA. Over the years I have despaired because olive oils have become no more than the equivalent of barely digestible engine oil.
When the first batch of olive oil arrived, I seriously almost wept. No olive oil sold in stores these days anywhere—and I mean ANYWHERE—can compare in flavor or aroma as these small-ranch pure olive oils. We so look forward to when our oil shipment arrives. We set it up to taste-test, and then as I prepare dinner, my husband reads to me the description and background information the Olive Oil Hunter writes for each olive oil that he offers, so we know exactly what we’re getting, from where, and by whom. This olive oil subscription is the best thing I’ve discovered in a long, long time! I love you, Olive Oil Hunter!

Alexis H.Santa Fe, NM