Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

A million thanks! 

Hello there, T.J.,

My wife Theresa signed our family up for your three-bottles-per-quarter olive oil club, and holy smokes, this stuff is going fast! It’s so good, really, we can’t get enough!

I wanted to enquire about doubling our order every quarter. The joys of fresh and wholesome oils are such that we cannot bear to keep it all to ourselves, but if you share the supply doesn’t last as long! I understand that the demand for your oils is probably very great; that said, if it’s possible to increase our order size then please sign us up!

We look forward to hearing back from you soon so that we may continue to enjoy these precious oils….We (also) look forward to sharing this special treat with our friends and family.

My family wishes all of you the best of luck. May your company ever flourish like a well-tended olive tree! Keep up the good work, and as luck would have it, it’s time for supper! Did I mention the fact that my kids—Evelyn and Joe, 6 years and 16 months—can’t get enough of this stuff? They enjoy your oils as much as we do. A million thanks!

Your loyal customers, Caleb and Theresa S.Weatherford, TX