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Marinated Pork Loin in Adobo (Lomo de Cerdo en Adobo)

The Spanish noun adobo means “marinade.” On the Iberian peninsula, where it has prehistoric origins, adobo refers to a flavorful marinade consisting of vinegar, olive oil, aromatics, and spices. Don’t be intimidated by the long marinating time of this dish. Do, however, use a nonreactive container such as a glass baking dish or large bowl. […]

The Olive Oil Hunter News #104

Cuban Chicken with Mango Salsa and Olive Oil Lemon Curd Recipes, Spotlight on Calamansi Vinegar and Vinegar as Home Remedy Vinegar Essentials, Part IV: Calamansi Vinegar My goals in introducing you to craft vinegars are to elevate your cooking and delight your palate.  This newsletter’s featured vinegar is also one that will completely surprise you: […]