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Mediterranean Diet for Diabetes

The following article by health and medicine writer Nicholas Bakalar is reprinted from the New York Times, January 13, 2014 More good news on the Mediterranean diet. Sticking to a Mediterranean-style diet may help reduce the risk for Type 2 diabetes, even when people don’t lose weight or increase exercise levels. The Mediterranean diet is […]

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Diabetes, Inflammation

 The following article by Mark L. Fuerst is reprinted from Psychiatric Times, March 31, 2014. Two new studies show the heart-healthy benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet. One study linked the diet to a lower risk of diabetes mellitus (DM), especially among those at high risk for cardiovascular disease… In the first pooled analysis of […]

The Olive Oil Hunter News #117

French Onion Soup with Cheesy Croutons Recipe, Spotlight on Onions, A Better Beef Broth, Vegetables that Lower Diabetes Risk and Breakfast for Better Sleep It’s one of the mainstays of fine French dining—classic soupe à l’oignon, or onion soup. You might think it’s hard to recreate at home, but if you have the patience to caramelize […]

Olive oil is beneficial for maternal-fetal health

Adapted from Cortez-Ribiero et al (2022) and an article by Liji Thomas, MD, in News Medical, January 3, 2023 Numerous studies have shown that olive oil can have positive effects on pregnancy.A recent systematic review published in the journal Nutrition Research is the first to summarize the evidence for the protective effects of EVOO consumption […]